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originallibrary's Journal

The Originals Library
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A Couple Of Rules On Here

1. be nice

2. list a rating, title, author, email, and story blurb when you post a story and please put story in LJ CUT /lj-cut text="Title here"/ (replace the: // with <> and put the story after the > if you have questions ask me)

3. Only Originals here place in other words something that is totally of your creating. We do take Slash/Yaoi/Yuri, please remember to put that in ratings. Some people don't like, anything and more or less everything is welcome, I do save judgment on some things. ^_^:

The TOL Purpose

Alright the mission of this page is the unite all of you Authors out there who have done or still do Original works, such as Poetry, Short Stories or Longer Stories, Yaoi, Yuri, Shonen-ai, Straight, or whatever else. Compared to some of you I haven't really done much. I've only been writing for about 4 years now. Which seems like forever to me, but to so it's probably nothing. But I've noticed that, in the writing online that most of the stuff you find is Fan Fiction. Why is that? CopyRight's don't want others stealing their ideas? I don't know, but I decided to take a chance, and trust people to respect me and my work, when I write Originals or Fan Fiction. So I decided to create this page, for only Original works. And That is The Mission of this page, so Please pass the Message On! We can't do it on our own, but together we can move mountains.

Welcome to the Originals Library, please enjoy your stay here, and remember that all works on this page were created by the authors along. SO they belong olny to the author, and are not to be copied in anyway without their permission. Thank you for your understanding in this.

If you are an Originals author, and would like to contribute your work to this page, I would love to have you. *smiles* just email me, I take anything and everything. ^_~ I don't believe in telling anyone no if they have the guts to ask someone to put their stuff up well then I'll put it up. Questions or Contributions please, email me at krazysidhe@gmail.com, or the original authors. Jaya

Yaoi/Male Slash: MalexMale Realationships.
Yuri/Fem Slash: GirlxGirl Realationships.
Shonen-ai: Mild or implied Realtionships.