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Dark Tales★Bk I: The Invisible Chains★Chapter 49: Tmeritektos
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dennysmore wrote in originallibrary
Title: Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse - Book I: The Invisible Chains
Author: eurypon
Format: Novel - Original characters
Length: Chapter: 9 610 words - Total: 404 988 words (August 20th, 2010)
Status: WIP
Rating: NC-17 - M - M/M Slash
Warnings: Violence, incest, rape, non-con, domination may all occur in varying degrees

Chapter 49: Tmeritektos

Guess what Tmeritektos means, and if you know already, who it is.

Anaxantis is in a very dangerous situation...

Actually, there isn't much more that can be told without spoiling the fun, except that the battle rages on and some of the pages get mixed up in it.

Some people die, some get horribly wounded.

At last the warlord is forced to make a terrible decision.

Link: Ximerion


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